New Pallets

We can build your new wood pallets.

New Pallets

We'll manufacture any pallet to meet your specifications, whether it be a standard pallet or a custom pallet, we can get the job done! With our incredible amount of resources we can build your new pallets to your specific needs, assuring quality and on time delivery. 

  • Stringer pallets are the most common and in-used pallets available within the United States today. The most widely used stringer pallet is the 48" x 40" GMA. 

  • We'll walk you through the process of picking the right pallet for your business.

Custom Pallets


While many businesses commit to standard sizes, transportation of products on custom pallets may be worthy. Liberty Pallets utilizes state of the art design software to assure the highest level of quality. Whether your goal is to ensure safe transportation of material or more cost-efficient pallets, our custom built pallets can meet your every need.

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Standards that exceed

Our main focus is to get your product where it needs to go safely, taking into account every factor of your goods distribution process and logistics. We create the pallet solution that will best serve your business by analyzing your products and assessing distribution requirements. To assure consistent construction, our experienced staff follows guidelines to meet all requirements . As soon as your order is complete, we’ll deliver them right to your business. Thanks to our knowledgeable team , businesses in any location can enjoy the comfort and reliability that Liberty Pallets is known for.

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